Burns Ranch History

In 1890, Aldolphus W. Raht of German decent bought a large portion of the Red River Cattle Company in northern Texas. His headquarters was the original Block Bar Ranch located in Clay County. He raised high quality ranch horses and Hereford cattle. 

Aldolphus and Ella Mae raised one son on the ranch, Carlyle Graham.  Later in life, Carlyle became an author. One of his books,”Old Buck and I”, is a collection of first hand stories on the cattle ranch during a time of Indian raids and fence wars.

In 1928, blizzards, drought, and disease finally forced the Rahts to deed the ranch to banker Carl Worsham of Henrietta. In 1934, Lillian and L.T. Burns, of Wichita Falls, purchased the ranch from the Worsham Estate. The sales price was $9.70 per acre.  Lillian’s grandfather, Kit Carter was a prominent cattleman near Palo Pinto.  In 1877, Kit served as the first president of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association.  The TSCRA continues to play a vital role in the cattle industry. 

Becky Burns Johnson, granddaughter of L.T. and Lillian, grew up in Wichita Falls.  She spent summers and weekends on the ranch with her grandparents and 3 brothers.  In the 1980’s, she acquired sole ownership of the ranch.  She continues adding acreage to the ranch in Clay and Jack counties. 

Today, Becky lives in and preserves the original Raht Ranch house built in the early 1890’s.  Her son, Graham, is the current ranch manager.  They run a verified all natural cow calf operation, background yearlings, and raise a small registered Angus herd. 

Each generation continues to take great pride in improving the land and livestock while preserving the ranching heritage on the Burns Ranch.